A Short Game from Start to Finish

Picking up where I left off

May 10, 2020

It’s been a long time since I revisited this blog. I’ve been busy. Busy with work, busy with blogging about software development more closely aligned with what I do profressionally, web app development. This isn’t to say I haven’t been tinkering around with game development, I still keep up with what’s going on and attempt to get back into it every other weekend. Last weekend I moved this this blog from Blogger. This weekend, I decided to really make something again.

I’m hoping I can carve out some time to get back into this hobby I’ve kept dormant for the past 5 years. My goal is to get back into the fun that drew me to game development in the first place. Now is a great time to start, there are more resources available than ever before. I’ll start by tinkering with some of these new tools and egnines before hopefully starting a project to reinforce what I’ve been learning.

This started off as a blog to document my progress through high school and university, now this will be a place to share my game development as a hobby journey.