A Short Game from Start to Finish


April 24, 2012



The game will take place in a fictional manufacturing factory where the player, a new robot, will be constructed. When the robot finds out it is no longer needed and he/she was just an experiment, the must escape the factory. The corporation does not want rivals to discover their experimental technology so they must stop the escaping robot. The player will take control of this robot and will try to escape through the various levels of the factory. Along the way the player will encounter other robots who have meet the same fate.

Key Features

Level progrssion will be affected by player choice.
The player can shoot .
Jump pads will allow a player to jump higher.
Obstacles will hinder a player’s path.
Items can be collected to unlcok more levels or other things.


This can best be described as a third person shooter. It will incorporate adventure, arcade and action elements.

Target Audience

The target audience is computer gamers, I will target a teenage audience between the ages of 15 and 21. This will allow a wide variety of players but will not be exclusive to this audience and may appeal to older audiences. This will also allow a level of maturity which could not otherwise be achieved with a lower age group becuase of New Zealand Electronic Game Classification which would require certain criteria to be met. If this game was to be marketed and sold in New Zealand these requirements would have to be met for the game to be classified and sold.

Game Flow

The player will move through the game with a mina goal in mind however have options to move around freely. This open world take on the game will be limited to a few areas however give the player freedom to explore before continuing the main story. The story levels will be linear in places however offer the player different options for completing them which could just alter gmeplay or the outcome of the story. The players progress will be saved at checkpoints of some kind.

Look and Feel

I want to persue a more non-photorealistic aproach to my game. I think a realistic look will not feel right with the characters and story involved as it may come off too serious. A more experimental look and feel will make my game unique and should result in a look and feel which is appropriate for the themes being conveyed.


7 Levels required:

  • Factory Floor
  • Training Room
  • Assembley Line
  • The Outside
  • Loading Level
  • Main Screen Level
  • Cinematic Level

2 Non-Player Characters required:

  • Security Bot(s)
  • Rebel Leader

1 Weapon required:

  • Basic Shooter

5 Cinematics required:

  • Opening scene
  • Story cutscene
  • Ending scene
  • Credits
  • Teaser

Gameplay Mechanics


The progression of the player depends on the level involved.

A level may require the player to “escape” it and therfore will require problem solving, avoiding obstacles and exploration, completing a series of tasks to progress.

A simple “chase” level may restrict the players movement and force them to go on a very linear path where progression is achieved through survivng the level by dodging obstacles.

A “fetch” style level will have the player move back and foward across the level to collect items before they may progress.

Other variables could result in progressing the levels more slowly such as difficulty due to enemies and story decisions which could favour or hinder the player’s progression.


The goal or objective will change with each level however there will be a constant goal. The player’s main goal is to escape the factory where they are being persued. They will alos be given the opportunity to collect certain items like “Circuit boards”, “Firmware Upgrades” or”Microchips” in order to unlock furthur gameplay.

Player Movement

The player will move within the world like many other 3rd and 1st person games. They will be constrained to the ground usually and are capable of jumping and running. They will usually be able to move along the ground on the X and Z axis and jump along the Y axis. This will complete the basic platformer movement.

Camera Point of View

The camera will be in the third person as this is easiest to judge distances with a platform game. The camera will follow the player around the world and will be constrained to the player’s back. The angle will be determined in the game engine and documented on.

Player Actions

The player will be capable of interacting with objects in the world. They may be able to interact with switches which will trigger events in the world. Physics will allow the player to move objects or interact with them in other ways. The player will also be able to attack enemies using a ranged weapon.


Combat will be limited to basic shooting and melee if possible. The main weapon may be able to receive power-ups or upgrades of some kind depending on amount used, collectables from secret locations, or story triggered.

Game Options

If enemies become a larger part of the game then I will include difficulty which will increase things like enemy speed, damge dealt and health otherwise this may not be implemented as an option.

If the player dies, they will respawn at the last checkpoint, levels may be able to be replayed from the main menu.

Save Games will be based on the previous checkpoint the player has approached. Because this is a demo there will not be a more advanced daving system as it is not required.

A collectable item in each level or a number to collect would encourage the player to explore beyond what is normally done if there is nothing. These collectables could go toward unlocking furthur gameplay such as secret levels or even a more story options. This could be reflected in the end-demo cinematic.